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Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry

Where aesthetic treatments are concerned, one of the most rewarding for Dr Sia's dental team, and for the patient's we help, is our restorative dental treatment. The dental restorative and aesthetic cosmetic procedures that we perform have, as their objective, the diagnosis and correction of any disease that afflicts the teeth or bone. From diagnosis we will proceed to the appropriate treatment and restoration will be achieved. Some of the most common problems we deal with are:

  • Patients who have developmental disorders such as cleft lip and palate,hypodontia and those with aggressive will need multidisciplinary care.

  • Patients who have had surgery and or radiotherapy for the management of oral or head and neck cancers

  • Patients who have suffered injuries to their mouth their teeth or their face

  • Patients who have had damage from tooth decay, acid erosion or periodontal (gum) disease

  • Patients with severe surgical and medical problems to help secure the optimum treatment outcome.


Dr Sia has gathered a highly qualified team to devise and then perform rehabilitative procedures that will restore the function as well as the aesthetic aspects of patients' teeth. Our reward is the confident smiles of the patients who have, in some cases, spent many years feeling self-conscious about their smile or denying themselves certain foods that were too difficult to eat. For those who have sustained injury or medical surgical or problems caused by cancer, we are always pleased to do our part to help towards making their recovery as complete as it can be.


We use the latest and most cutting edge techniques that have been designed to save tooth structure that is being destroyed or has been damaged. Restoration can be achieved without the need for a full crown, with the use of materials that are tooth coloured. In this way healthy tooth structure can be saved and the procedure will carry a lesser cost and take less time than the traditional treatments used to restore damaged teeth.

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