All on 4 is a revolutionary advancement in implant dentistry that offers an option for the replacement of full sets of teeth with all on 4 dental implants. This new procedure is particularly suitable for those patients looking for a cost effective alternative to full dental implants. Book your complimentary consultation and one of Dr Sia's expert team will evaluate your oral status, and answer any questions that you may have.

How painful is the treatment?

The All-on-4 procedure has particularly been made to lessen the pain and discomfort. Our dentists provide local anaestheticor a sedative whist the implants are placed. You will find some kind of swelling and uneasiness after the treatment, but this may be reduced by taking over-the-counter painkillers. Patients usually recover quickly, and get back to their normal activities the very next day.

How are All on 4 implants different from dentures?

Dentures use soft gum tissue for complete support and these results in bone loss making them unstable and less comfortable. People who wear dentures should eat soft foods so that they may not cause damage to the teeth. The All on 4 dental implants offers permanent set of teeth that looks and feels like the natural ones. You can brush like normal teeth, they are fixed, stable and more comfortable than dentures. They prevent bone deterioration that is commonly found in people wearing dentures. All on 4 tooth implants gives you the natural look of your teeth which means you do not have to avoid certain foods that requiresbiting or chewing.

Are you the right candidate for All on 4 implants?

Before the treatment, your dental surgeon will perform a complete evaluation of your mouth and know if you are the right candidate for it. Implants have greater success rate when performed on suitable candidates. Some factors that may be risky for achieving success is if the patient smokes heavily or is diabetic. Smokers are most likely to experience failure in the treatment however, this does not prevent them from performing implants.

If you have gum disease, it is advised to think whether you should go for implants. The treatment is done by an experienced professional who will clean your mouth and lessen the attack of bacteria. In severe cases, gum treatment will be performed by a periodontist. You need to maintain good dental health and hygiene by brushing twice and flossing daily by following the right technique before placing implants.

How effective will the result be for natural teeth?

When you visit Wimpole Dental Office, our dental experts ensure that the treatment is done in a safe and relaxed environment. Our surgeons will create the most appropriate replacement teeth both in shape and shade so that no one can understand the difference between the artificial and natural ones.

What are the risks associated with All On 4 implants?

Compared to other dental implants, All On 4 implant has some risks involved in undergoing the treatment.

You may experience some swelling and pain in the area after the implant has been placed. There are over-the-counter painkillers available to ease the discomfort.

The dental surgeon will use CT scans or X rays to know the exact position of different nerves under the lower jaw. If the nerves related to the chin, lower lips, tongue and teeth get damaged during the treatment, you might suffer from lack of sensation. Your dentist will ensure that you do not fall unconscious during the treatment.

It is important to have strong bones so that you can cope up with the pressure at the time of biting and chewing. Otherwise, the implant might not fuse properly with the jawbone.

Make sure you know all the pros and cons about All on 4 implants for a successful treatment.


  • Suitable for patients with failing dentition

  • Addresses reduced chewing and biting force

  • Eliminates movement inside the mouth

  • Alternative to dentures

  • Suitable for those patients whose jaws cannot accept integrating dental implants

  • More effective than traditional methods

  • Eliminates limitations to diet, including eating of hard food

  • Eliminates the need for bone graft surgeries that may have longer healing times

  • Much shorter recovery times

  • Less frequent re-visits

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Great dentist had my first appointment/consultation today for tooth enlightening! Really informative, patient DR who has a genuine intrest in your teeth and Keeping the cost low! :)

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One of my friends recommended me this clinic. And my orthodontic treatment is going far better than before and I can see the changes. So kind and helpful staffs.

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11 months ago

Awesome customer service! All the staffs are very helpful and kind in nature. High quality treatment with great result. Would definitely recommend.

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a year ago

Very much impressed with Wimpole Dental Office. Their provided services are excellent. Even the receptionist was extremely kind and welcoming.

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Very friendly and efficient service!! All the staffs and dentists are well experienced. Highly recommended.

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I just want to say thank you to the whole team of dentists of Wimpole Dental Office. The dentists are highly skilled and experienced.

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