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The Edentulous Lower Jaw

Edentulism may be unbearable handicap and the difficulty with denture prostheses usually takes place due to the incapability to function properly with mandibular prostheses. Certain factors that affect using complete denture on mandible are:

  • the mobility of mouth floor,

  • thin mucosa that lines alveolar ridge,

  • the motion of mandible and

  • decreased supporting area.

All these factors can help to explain the difficulty you face for wearing dentures on mandibular arch when compared to maxillary arch.

Mandibular denture is quite difficult prosthesis to be dealt with. There are several articles and techniques written for enhancing the efficacy of restoration, starting from differing impression methods to the formation of tooth. Despite these efforts, there still remain a population of patients who find it troublesome to manage this kind of restoration. Some people think that the whole denture prostheses are much below immense care and the basic restoration for edentulous mandible is an implant retained overdenture by placing two implants in anterior mandible.

There are varied choices for treating mandible and these include - conventional dentures, implant retained and tissue supported overdentures, implant supported fixed restorations, implant retained and implant supported overdentures, fixed prostheses with processed acrylic teeth also called bone anchored bridges or 'hybrid prostheses'.

Treatment choices for the mandible include:

  • No treatment,

  • Conventional complete dentures

  • Implant supported fixed restorations,

  • Implant retained

  • Tissue supported overdentures

  • Implant retained overdeuntures

  • Implant supported overdentures

  • Fixed prostheses with processed acrylic teeth ('hybrid prostheses) or (bone anchored bridges'.)

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