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Smile Gallery

Smile gallery before after

Case 1.

Immediate replacement of a upper right 2nd premolar tooth, otherwise symptomless.

OPG radiograph to confirm sinus location and check for pathology. OPG sufficient bone apical of UR5 for primary fixation and no apparent sinus pathology. OPG radiograph
Periodical radiograph to check for apical pathology. PA UR5 shows carious and root filled root with apical pathology but good depth of bone available for implant placement. UR5 hopeless prognosis. Vitality of UR3 was confirmed. Periodical radiograph
Implant Analogue Model. Upper model with UR5 abutment and crown in place. Some asymmetry due to crowded right side and missing UR4. Implant
UR5 abutment and crown. This is a single piece prosthesis which is fitted by cold welding of the tapered abutment hex into the implant. (Screw less friction fit) UR5 abutment and crown
UR5 has fractured leaving space. Side view showing space and stippled gingivae with some recession at UR3. teeth fractured leaving space
Grossly decayed UR5, no clinical symptom. Tooth was extracted and a 15mm*3.75mm diameter implant inserted. No socket grafting was preformed. Grossly decayed UR5
Healing collar fitted to implant head at exposure, 4 months after placement. Healing collar fitted
Close up of final restoration at UR5 Case ID 29497 Close up of final restoration
PA UR5 Implant retained crown shows good angulation and position of implant. Restoration is fully seated and the implant abutment interface correctly fitted in line with the system restorative protocol. Implant retained crown