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Dental Implants - What You Should Expect

Scared that you may experience something bad when you get a dental implant? Do you get the jitters when you think of having any sort of appliance in your mouth? It is normal to feel that way, but in practice, a dental implant is not a scary operation you should run from. Sometimes, the stories you hear about them are highly exaggerated. The truth of the matter is that everyone will feel anxious about a procedure or anything new. So, it is expected that you will have the same feeling if you have not had a dental implant experience.

The procedure for an implant is simple and does not come with so much pain. But why go for dental implants?

In our experience, replacing damaged teeth has been successful with the use of implants. Not only have patients regained their teeth to eat their food choice, but they have also been able to gain back self-confidence.

You may have been using dentures, but the unexpected wobbling of these creates daily anxiety.

Let's face it. Smiling when your teeth are missing or severely impacted is an eyesore. Nobody likes the feeling of being turned down just because of their teeth condition.

What are dental implants?

These are surgical fixtures inserted into the jawbone and caused to bond with the bone over time. They are used in place of the roots of missing teeth. It is on top of these man-made tooth root that the replacement bridge or tooth is placed.

What is special about dental implants?

It might interest you to know that a close resemblance to having a natural tooth is when you have a dental implant locked into the jawbone. This is because it has stability such that other teeth are not impacted in any way.

The process via which the implant and jawbone are fused is referred to as osseointegration.

Following the advancement in cosmetic dentistry, many dental implants are now produced from titanium - this blends in with the bone without the body sensing it is a strange material. Most importantly, innovations in science and technology have enhanced installing dental implants so much that this procedure currently has a success rate of approximately 98 per cent.

How to get dental implants

So, if you are ready to have your implants, it is easy. There are a few steps to getting one which we will be discussing here.

  1. Consultation: Certain teeth conditions may not allow for the installation of dental implants. This is why the first stage is a consultation. Here, we will carefully examine your mouth and jawbone to be sure they can carry the implants. Where you have a degenerated jawbone, the process will not occur right away as there isn't enough support. So, the next step may be to regenerate your jawbones. Some methods can help achieve this, including sinus lift and bone grafting. Should there be a problem with your upper jawbone, our dentist may use extra-long implants to hold the jawbone and connect it to the cheekbone that is on top. In the case of a bone graft, you may have to wait for some time to allow for integration. Would you like to check out our dental implant offers London? Come right through a consultation and let us discuss.

  2. The implantation: This is where the fear lies. A lot of intending patients are worried that this procedure will bring pain. However, due to the jawbone's few nerves, the pain will cease upon application of a local anaesthetic which the dentist will certainly administer. Another truth about this process is that anxiety on patients creates the illusion of pain when truly the discomfort is very little. So, to help with this, we may give you pills or an injection to sedate your body and keep you relaxed and comfortable.

  3. Healing/Recovery: Just like every other surgical procedure, you need time to get better. You may need 2 to 6 months for dental implants to achieve a strong fusion between the implants and your jawbone. During this time, hard, crunchy, and sticky foods are to be avoided. It is only when you have recovered fully that you can have all that chocolate, ice cream, and hamburger you've missed. This same principle applies to those who may opt for crowns. Though it is done on the same day, and you can go home, there is need to allow for some time to heal.

  4. Post-treatment: Now that you have a new set of teeth, it is important to take good care of them so that the problem doesn't happen. The only precaution you need to keep dental implants in form is to avoid gum disease. How can this be done? Ensure you brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss once daily. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently brush for 2 minutes cleaning each tooth surface. Please avoid overzealous brushing of your teeth; it can cause more problems. Again, always go see a dental hygienist to check the condition of your teeth. It is easy to detect oral issues during these regular check-ups.

The beauty of dental implants is that they work to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, or the entire top and bottom arches. People choose to have their teeth replaced so they can use them just like natural teeth. Following this, teeth replacement in dentistry is aimed at bringing back function and aesthetic appeal.

Final words

It is now clear that dental implants are not as risky and dangerous as you may have thought. If you are interested in having it done, see our private dentist Wimpole street, for consultation and today's best possible procedure. We have some of the best hands and technology to ensure this procedure goes smoothly.

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