Tips For Safe Teeth Whitening

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Tips For Safe Teeth Whitening

In recent times, the teeth whitening business have made coruscating smile accessible for everyone. From a wide variety of options provided, you can always get one that suits both you as an individual and your pocket.
You are likely to experience dark staining on your teeth if you drink a lot of coffee, tea and red wine or if you smoke. Tooth whitening helps to lighten teeth and also removes stains and discolouration.Our dentists at Smile 4 U Dental practices perform good teeth whitening in Croydon, which is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures that can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth. 
The whitening process is not a one-time thing; it must be repeated from time to time to maintain a brighter colour. Our dentist would work hand in hand with you all through the process of your teeth whitening Croydon Surrey to give you that perfect and glistering smile. If you desire the best teeth whitening Croydon to restore your stained teeth,then you should visit Smile 4 U dental practices today, we work to maintain your dazzling smile. 

What is responsible for teeth colour and stains?

Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth. The reflection and scattering of light create the natural colour of teeth of the enamel and the colour of the dentin under it. The gene influences smoothness and thickness of the enamel which can allow for more of the colour of the dentin to showthrough in the case of thinner enamel. Having smoother or rougher enamel also affects the reflection of light and therefore the colour of teeth. The tooth enamel contains pores that hold stains and a thin coating also known as pellicle forms on the enamel which also picks up stains. Many reasons can cause teeth discolouration or stains some of which are: 
  • Using tobacco 
  • Drinking dark-coloured liquids such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine 
  • Not taking good care of your teeth 
  • Ageing
One might have stains inside the tooth at times which is a condition called intrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains can be caused by overexposure to fluoride during teeth development in a child or taking tetracycline antibiotics. Whitening can be attempted for intrinsic stains, but it is most effective on surface (extrinsic) stains. 

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The process of teeth whitening can be very simple; it involves the use of whitening products that contain one or two tooth bleaches such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The bleaches help to break stains into smaller pieces making it less concentrated and your teeth colour brighter.

Visiting your dentist

For successful teeth whitening in Croydon, other dental problems such as cavities should be treated first because the whitening solution can pass through decayed areas without any improvement in the colour. You can be assured of good dental serviceswhen you visit Smile 4U dental practices for your teeth whitening in Croydon. The first thing our dentist will do is to take a picture of your teeth, which is a required step that helps to monitor the progress of the teeth treatment. Your dentist will also examine your teeth asking you questions to know how the stains were sustained. Before any teeth whitening process is carried out, our dentist will clean your teeth to remove the film of bacteria, food and other substances that build up on your teeth and contribute to the staining.You should seek the advice of your dentist for the teeth whitener to useand the effect in case you are considering off the counter treatment. Drinks such as soda, sports drinks, or other acidic beverages should be avoided for a couple of hours after whitening to protect your teeth.

When Not to Whiten

It is not every time that whitening should be done. Pregnant women or nursing mothers should postpone teeth whitening to be on a safer side because the porcelain or composite dental crowns and bonding won't lighten up. Changing the colour of the teeth around them means you might end up with an uneven smile or perhaps need to replace old fillings and crowns.

Protect Sensitive Teeth

You might experience slight teeth sensitivity after whitening, but it doesn’t always last. Sensitivity might be less of an issue if your teeth and gums are in good shape, but if it persists, you should stop the treatment and talk to your dentist.
Contact Smile 4 U Dental Practice in Croydon to get your dazzling teeth whitening  by our dentists.

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