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Dental implants treatment

Calender Icon   February 27, 2019

Some Helpful Ideas About Dental Implants Treatment

Ever-evolving technology and scientific breakthroughs are steadily improving life expectancy overall health but the importance of good oral health is not as heavily pushed. According to a leading dentist in London, this happens due to a number of factors, which include unhealthy lifestyles, relying too much on junk foods and certain chronic diseases. In this circumstance, modern dentistry offers an excellent solution to the cases of teeth loss and decay in form of dental implants.


Eligibility of patients to avail dental implants treatment

Now the question is about the eligibility of an individual to undergo this modern dental treatment. When this question was placed before an expert on teeth implants at the Wimpole Dental Office, he gave the following answer.


There are many misconceptions surrounding implant treatment, mainly that it is not suitable for old people. However, the truth is that the solution is equally effective for the older patients as it is for the young adults. It is even suitable for older folks with osteoporosis. It is relevant to mention here, osteoporosis is a severe medical condition where the bones of the body become increasingly weak and there’s an increasing risk of them being broken.


Teeth implants: A real case

To further emphasise his point, the expert mentioned the case of an 88-year old retired professor, who successfully underwent the implants treatment 3 years back and is still enjoying the results.


However, he suggests whenever you decide to have this therapy, make sure you seek an experienced oral health practitioner and discuss the entire procedure comprehensively with him or her. You may go online and enter search strings like “private dentist near me” to locate a reliable expert.


The procedure involved in the implants treatment hardly takes much time; in fact it lasts just a few minutes. However, you’re likely to experience mild discomfort for the following 3 to 5 days. Although your dental healthcare expert will prescribe you medication to minimise the inconvenience. If you’ve chosen a fixed denture, the implants will be restored immediately. Else, there’ll be a cooling off period, lasting for 2-3 months, for the wound to heal up before the restoration is done.


The cost of dental implants is a crucial factor which affects a patient’s choice for the treatment. It is normally considered the treatment is very costly and thus, the majority of the patients deliberately try to avoid it. However, considering the smooth and lengthy mileage the implants offer in leading a normal life, the cost factor of this modern cosmetic dentistry therapy turns out to be quite nominal.


Wimpole Dental Office is one of the most trusted destinations in entire London to undergo the dental implants treatments. It has an unbelievable track record of success in performing this treatment. The clinic is located at 20 Wimpole Street in London and remains open from 9 t0 6 on weekdays. However, you can also avail treatments here on Saturdays and weekday evenings on prior appointment. You can click here to know more about dental implants treatment as well and avail its high-end services at reasonable cost. 

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