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Solution for teeth loss

Calender Icon   February 26, 2019

Reasons Why Dental Implants is the Best Solution to Teeth Loss

Do you have an empty socket in the jaw resulting from a missing tooth or teeth? Modern dentistry offers an excellent solution to such problems, in form of dental implants, like never before. Conventional solutions to teeth loss problems include dentures and bridges. But none of these solutions cater to both the aspects of aesthetics and functionality. Thus, oral health practitioners in London put stress on tooth implants while providing teeth loss solutions to patients.

Why choosing teeth implants over other alternatives?

An expert from a renowned private dental clinic in London explains why implants score above the other treatment alternatives. Implants are tiny posts made from biocompatible metals, like titanium. Such a post is surgically drilled into the empty socket of your jawbone to act as the base or anchor of the implanted tooth. The implants solution can also cater to your multiple teeth loss problem. As the surgical wound gets completely healed up, an artificial crown is placed on top of the implant post. In course of time, the biocompatible metal fuses with your jawbone and the surrounding tissues, giving your implanted tooth or teeth a permanent anchor to stand upon.

The implants treatment itself is one of the latest evolutions of modern dentistry. These days, dentists are also providing same day dental implants in cases that are less complicated. Although the same day solutions are slightly more expensive, but they also are less binding and more hassle-free for the patients.

Benefits of oral implants:

Wimpole Dental Office possesses an impressive success rate in handling dental implants surgery in London. The expert associated with the practice, shares the biggest benefits that implants offer.

  • Preserves the jaw bone: In absence of a tooth root, the jawbone decays and shrinks at a fast rate. Dental implants, unlike all other similar treatment alternatives reverse the effect of decay and shrinking of the jawbone.
  • Preserves your facial appearance: The absence of a tooth or teeth in your jawbone changes the appearance of your overall face. It deforms the facial structure and makes you appear older than your actual age. Dental implants not only preserve your facial structure but also help you look younger.
  • Better chewing and clearer speech: Implants look and work like your natural teeth. Thus, you can easily chew your foods well and have distinctly clear speech with teeth implants.
  • No adverse side-effect: Conventional solutions like dental bridges are known to affect the health of the adjacent teeth and the jawbone in course of time. Implants solution is free from such unwanted side-effect.

If you want to secure the best care along with the most effective treatment for natural tooth or teeth loss, please feel free to make an appointment with our experts.



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