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Myth of the best teeth whitening treatment

Calender Icon   April 4, 2019

Myth of the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment with Banana Peel

Bananas are rich in iron, potassium and magnesium which provide fast energy to your body. They also make great additions to bread and smoothies. In addition to that, a handsome fraction of the people in London suggest that the all-season fruit can also make your teeth whiter. Let’s explore how this is possible.

Teeth whitening with a banana peel:

As per statistics, a medium size banana contains the essential minerals in ample quantity. Thus, it’s an obvious conclusion that rubbing the inside of the peel makes one’s teeth whiter. People who play protagonists to this theory say it’s the best teeth whitening treatment. However, one has to continue rubbing the peel for at least a couple of weeks for the effect to get noticed.

Does it really work?

You’ll come across this idea in personal blogs and not in any science or health journals. As such, there’s no scientific evidence to support the theory. Thus, qualified dentists or registered oral healthcare support staff will never try to sell you such an idea.

Rather dentists will suggest you refrain from trying it out. It is better to enjoy the taste and the nutritional value of the fruit than trying to brighten your smile with its peel. The same goes for citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, strawberries and others. When categorically asked, an expert dentist in enlighten teeth whitening replied: “Rather the unscientific effort may damage your tooth enamel and the gums instead of making your smile more attractive.”

Effective alternatives

You’ll do much better by eating a banana and tossing off the peel into the debris. There’re many other tried and tested alternatives to whiten your teeth. Most importantly, you must stick to a comprehensive oral hygiene on daily basis. Brush the teeth properly twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. Use the dental floss properly on regular basis to clean the area in between two adjacent teeth. Stick to a healthy diet, which includes fresh fruits and green vegetables. Drink a sufficient quantity of water every day.

All these efforts will ensure your teeth and the gums are in sound health. Routinely visit a private dentist in London at least once a year for the best-expected results.



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