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Your Guide to Dental implant Treatment and Costs Associated with it

Do you feel ashamed of your missing or lost teeth? Is this the reason why you don’t want to meet your friends or attend social gatherings?  If answered yes, then dental implant is an effective way to give you the natural look and feel of natural teeth. The treatment helps you to restore your beautiful smile, improve your appearance and boost your confidence level. Thus, you can eat, laugh, talk and enjoy all kinds of activities without worrying about your teeth problems. 

How much does a single tooth implant cost?

Your dentist at Wimpole Dental Office may not be able to provide the exact cost for a single tooth implant. The final price will actually depend on the needs and circumstances of the individual undergoing the treatment. Also, the complexity of the case and the materials used are other factors that should not be overlooked. A single tooth implant may range somewhere from £700 to £3000.

How much do multiple teeth implants cost?

If you need to have multiple implants, then the costs will include – X rays, scans, consultation fees and other associated fees rather than paying them several times for each implant. You may require 1 anaesthetic and a surgery rather than undergoing them multiple times if you require more than one implant.
If you have 2-4 teeth in a row that need to be replaced, then implants can help to reduce the cost associated with it as only 2 implants might be needed rather than 3 or 4.

For example, if you need to have a single implant, then the cost will be £2000 and for another single implant, say 2 years down the line, it will cost you another £2000. By performing both of them at the same time, you can pay £3500 and save £500.

How much will tooth implants cost for a full mouth?

If you’re missing all the teeth and need to perform implants for the upper and lower jaws, then the entire dental implant cost may be around £25,000.
There are some effective solutions like All-on-4 implants that can reduce the costs to near about £14,000 in total or £7,000 for each arch.

Are implants available on the NHS in the UK?

Usually, dental implants are available on the NHS. Some part of the treatment is available on the NHS while some might not be due to certain circumstances. The cost is quite expensive but dental implants are a cosmetic solution that helps in solving the problem of missing or lost teeth for an improved oral health. 

There are some exceptions too such as if you had an accident that caused damage to your mouth, you are suffering from cancer, you do not have most of your teeth since birth or you cannot have artificial teeth due to an allergy. 

Why are tooth implants so costly?

Various factors add to the overall cost of a dental implant. The procedure involves skilled dental surgeons who use quality products to replace your missing or lost teeth. During the initial consultation, the dentist uses X-ray scanners and CT machines that are quite expensive to purchase and maintain. 

Fitting a dental implant and an artificial tooth requires several hours from your dentist to deliver what you exactly require. The products need to be crafted, tested and revised to meet the safety standards before they are considered safe for fitting in the mouth of a patient. Ultimately, the professionals and products used need to be paid due to which this dental procedure is considered to be expensive.  Your dentist can tell you about the entire cost of dental implant in the UK so that you can get it done within your estimated budget. 

What are different ways for inexpensive dental implants in the UK?

Cheap is not the right solution when choosing dental implants for your missing or lost teeth. Rather, you should look for an affordable way to get the treatment done in the UK. For this, you will have to shop around and compare between the prices offered by different dental clinics before coming to a decision for your treatment. 

Being a part of this method, you might be willing to travel to a near or far place and save hundreds of pounds in some cases. You can actually save on your cost by travelling to a foreign country. Whatever quotes you may get, try to consider them very carefully as you should not always go for an inexpensive treatment. 

Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

Here is the list of the pros and cons associated with dental implants.


  • Durable and long lasting – Tooth implants can last for several years by taking proper care and treatment.
  • Versatile – Dental implants are used for replacing 1, 2 or a complete set of teeth in most positions in your mouth.
  • Feel like natural teeth – After the implants are fitted, they provide the look and feel of your natural teeth.
  • Regain your confidence level – Missing teeth can help to restore your confidence by filling in the gaps that you may have had for years.
  • Prevent bone loss – If the teeth are lost, the bone surrounding them may shrink. Implants prevent the loss of bone and keep your face in its proper shape.
  • Stand alone – Dental implants don’t depend on other teeth in the mouth to be secured properly.
  • Speak freely – The implant fitting is extremely good, meaning that you can speak freely with them. 
  • Eat all kinds of food – You can eat all types of food like you do with your normal teeth.  Once the treatment is done, there is no need to follow any special diet.
  • No adhesives needed – It is important to clean and treat them properly like your natural teeth.
  • Success rate of implants – Most people who undergo an implant treatment have attained success in it.  


  • Price of the treatment – Whether it is one or several implants, the treatment is quite expensive and may not be suitable for everyone’s budget.
  • Maintenance costs – Though you treat your artificial teeth like the natural ones, you still need to brush twice, floss daily and see a dentist for the routine check-ups.
  • Longer time for treatment – Dental implants cannot be fixed quickly and they usually require 3 to 9 months, on an average.
  • Complete surgery – Though the procedure is invasive and involves drilling, anesthetic, discomfort and healing time, this is not a suitable solution for everyone.
  • Risk for infection – Like other surgical procedures, there are certain risks of infection from the tooth implants. 
  • Complications and failure – Implants may not be suitable for everyone and not all implants can fuse easily with the jawbone.  Other complications such as nerve damage may occur to anyone. 
  • Suitability factor – Implants are not recommended for people who have gum disease or are undergoing radiography to the jaw, take certain medications like bisphosphonates, are suffering from immunosuppression or are addicted to smoking.

You may talk to the dentists at Wimpole Dental office to find out about the dental implants cost in London. Thus, you will be able to perform the treatment within your affordability in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

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