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When we smile, our teeth makes a grand appearance that accentuates our facial expression. Some persons naturally may have white teeth. But the kind of food we eat, and drinks like coffee and other beverages discolours the white enamel covering our teeth. This makes it turn yellow with time.

People with blemished or stained teeth are constantly seeking ways to whiten their teeth again. With teeth whitening products, your teeth can get back that shine and whiteness. Come to us, we offer teeth whitening London.


Whitening your teeth on your own can save you money. There is so much information on how to get DIY whitening kits. But the truth is that professional teeth whitening London can cost some money; the key reason people are scared. Also, London teeth whitening is a quality dental procedure which so many persons think will take so much time.

While it may be true that DIY whitening can shine your teeth to a certain degree, you should know that it won't give a visible and long-term result like teeth whitening London.
You'll find so many whitening products like toothpaste and gels on the market which you can use but, none of these matches the whitening treatment a professional dentist provides. It is noteworthy of mentioning that over-the-counter whitening kits do not legally contain a high amount of peroxide plus they're found to be harsh on the enamel, evoking a false feeling of whiter teeth. This is why we recommend teeth whitening London. 


If you do the maths on the cost of whitening products plus the outcome you'll get, it is clear that it would be more cost-effective to get London teeth whitening from a reliable dentist. Remember, the result is long-lasting!


At our dental clinic, you can choose from the following three options to make your teeth whiter:
• Laser Whitening

This is a short-term teeth whitening procedure for a whiter smile. For teeth whitening London, laser whitening makes your teeth about 8 shades lighter; one of the fastest whitening treatment in the world.
• Veneers

Customised porcelain veneers are also a good option for London teeth whitening. Veneers find extensive usage in protruding teeth, blemished teeth, and closed gaps. By covering the front part of the tooth, you can have a more natural smile with this method.

• Home Whitening

Here, your dentist will produce custom whitening trays for your teeth size, from carefully taking impressions of your teeth. It's an affordable option of teeth whitening London. Home whitening combines customised trays and whitening gel to restore white teeth.

For any option you choose, we're readily available to take you through the rudiments of London teeth whitening anytime you call on us.

At our dental practice London, we'd be happy to see you smile more confidently. Contact us for teeth whitening London.

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Great dentist had my first appointment/consultation today for tooth enlightening! Really informative, patient DR who has a genuine intrest in your teeth and Keeping the cost low! :)

Georgia Ewins

4 months ago

One of my friends recommended me this clinic. And my orthodontic treatment is going far better than before and I can see the changes. So kind and helpful staffs.

Sebastian Hale

11 months ago

Awesome customer service! All the staffs are very helpful and kind in nature. High quality treatment with great result. Would definitely recommend.

Elsia Martin

a year ago

Very much impressed with Wimpole Dental Office. Their provided services are excellent. Even the receptionist was extremely kind and welcoming.

Jennifer Smith

a year ago

Very friendly and efficient service!! All the staffs and dentists are well experienced. Highly recommended.

Eva Morgan

a year ago

I just want to say thank you to the whole team of dentists of Wimpole Dental Office. The dentists are highly skilled and experienced.

Shirley Miller

a year ago

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