Failure of teeth implants

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Failure of Teeth Implants The Most Common Factors

Unquestionably the best tooth replacement option that is available today is the dental implant. The implanted tooth looks and acts just like your lost tooth. Considering both the aesthetic and functional aspects, teeth implants are one of the most popular oral health treatments in London. With minimal care and maintenance, the implants will easily last a lifetime. On the other hand, if you neglect minimal maintenance, be prepared to face an implant failure.

So what does the minimal maintenance of an implanted tooth involve?

Regular brushing and flossing

Cavities or caries, as they’re called in the world of dentistry, cannot develop in an implanted tooth. But that doesn’t mean you should stop brushing and flossing the teeth. Brushing is necessary to remove plaque build-up in your mouth. Remember, harmful bacteria, present in the plaque, can damage your gums.

A professional dentist specialising in dental implant says flossing is no less important than brushing for your implanted tooth. It lets you remove the food particles trapped between your teeth and around the gum line. A toothbrush can’t reach those places in your mouth. The regular use of floss on your implanted teeth also keeps your gum line free from plaque.

Going for routine check-ups

Having regular teeth cleaning by a professional is the best option to keep gum diseases at bay. Even with proper brushing and flossing, a hard deposit called tartar can form on your teeth. This substance also represents potential for the development of gum disease.

An oral healthcare expert associated with Wimpole Dental Office in London suggests that you should go for professional teeth cleaning every six months. This will help keep your gums healthy, and will ensure you spot any potential issues that may lead to implant failure.

Quit smoking

Smoking is very harmful for your overall health and particularly for your oral health and it is really not a good idea when you have dental implants. It will make you more prone than ever to develop gum disease and will make it difficult for your jawbone to regrow after bone augmentation surgery. Smokers have much higher chances of facing implant failure than non-smokers. If you still smoke regularly, you will need to quit to preserve your implanted tooth or teeth.

Chewing on Non-Foods

Many people bite their fingernails and chew the pen tips. These habits do not go well with dental implants. Your implanted tooth is meant for chewing food items only.

If you have more questions about dental implants, please contact your implant specialist. Your knowledge and awareness will play a major role in making your implant treatment a success.

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