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Dental implants treatment

Calender Icon   September 11, 2018

Dental Implants are Better Alternative to Conventional Solutions

The loss of a natural tooth usually snowballs to a grave problem with the passage of time. People suffering from such problem avoid smiling heartily. They also desperately try to avoid facing the camera. These symptoms result in low self-esteem that a missing tooth creates. A renowned dentist in London says, if the issue remains unresolved, one can even succumb to mental depression in the long run.

More comprehensive and realistic solution:

Thankfully, modern dentistry offers a great solution to the problem of tooth or teeth loss. This solution, in form of dental implants, caters to both the aesthetics and functional aspect of the problem. An implanted tooth works and appears just like your natural one. Thus, in comparison to the conventional treatment alternatives, implants offer a comprehensive and more realistic solution. A large number of London private dental clinics offer this cutting-edge treatment.

The treatment procedure:

The clinical procedure is thoroughly invasive in nature. A tiny post made from biocompatible metals, like titanium is surgically drilled into the empty socket of your jaw. This post acts as the network of roots that anchors the crown in place. Then, the surgical wound is allowed to heal up completely. After the wound is completely cured, an artificial crown is placed atop the implant post.

These days, same-day implants are also available. The entire treatment procedure including the placement of the artificial tooth top is provided just in a single session. This alternative costs a little more than the regular implants. Feel free to make an appointment with our experts to know more about same-day implants.


Dental implants are the most preferred alternative for both dentists and patients in missing tooth solutions. This is because it offers greater benefits compared to the other procedures. The advantages include:

  • Preserving jawbone: Without a proper anchoring support inside the jaws, your jawbone is bound to get diminished in course of time. Implants keep your jawbone intact and healthy.
  • Retaining your facial appearance: When you suffer from tooth/teeth loss, your jawbone starts shrinking. This affects your facial appearance. Implants prevent this from happening and help you retain your youthful look.
  • Prevents the teeth from shifting positions: When there’s a gap in your jawline, the remaining teeth tend to shift from their original locations to fill up the gap. Oral implants stop this from happening.
  • More comfort to wear and use: Dentures are good enough to replace teeth implants, but they are uncomfortable to wear and may slip anytime from their place.This makes chewing difficult and also affects your speech. Implants have no such problem.

Wimpole dental office is a reputed destination in London to avail implant treatments. The practice has an excellent success rate in handling such cases.

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