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Having a dental implant treatment is a surgical procedure that requires aftercare.This comes with do's, and dont's that will be discussed as you read on.
How to clean dental implants 
To have a long and healthy implant lifespan, especially after surgery, you'll have to clean it at home. 
Here's how. 
Dental Implant Cleaning at Home
Cleaning your dental implant is just like cleaning your natural teeth. But you need to bear in mind that bacteria and food particles could get stuck in the areas around the implant and cause infection if untreated.
To do this effectively, you'll need dental implant cleaning instruments like:
So many types of floss are available.The unwaxed tape or floss is generally recommended by dentist. But for many types of prostheses, use a floss threader. Consult your dentist to be very sure. 
Oral Irrigators (Water Flossers) 
They reduce plaque and inflammation.You can use a nonmetal tip-water flossers together with a non-alcoholic antimicrobial rinse. 
These encourage healthy gum tissue; very important in maintaining a dental implant. Rubber-tipped stimulators are the best type to use. 
Interproximal Brushes 
While you can use any type of toothbrush, be it manual, sonic, or electric, bear in mind that it needs to be soft-bristled, easy to use and good on your implants. 
Professional Dental Implants Cleaning 
A periodic professional cleaning as part of care after dental implant surgery is very crucial. In addition to checking the general condition of your implant, your hygienist will thoroughly clean the threads of the implants, the surrounding tissue, and your natural teeth to keep bacteria and infection away. 
How often should your dentist clean your implant?
This should be done frequently, like every six months after getting your implants. 
Dental Implant Care and Maintenance 
Knowing how to properly clean and maintain dental implant is key to avoiding complications like mucositis and bone loss associated with improper dental implant care. 
Dental Implant Care 48 hours after Placement 
The first 2 days after dental implant treatment are the most pivotal; symptoms are more pronounced.
You may experience pain, swelling, and other symptoms on the first day. 
Your dentist will guide you on how to recover smoothly.
Dental Implant Aftercare Instructions for the First Weeks
• Continue using the dental cleaning tools mentioned above
• Visit your dentist regularly 
• Continue brushing, flossing and rinsing your implants with salt water
• Eat softer foods, less acidic foods and nutrient-rich drinks
• Post-operative appointments shouldn't be missed
Bear in mind that before you embark on dental implant treatment, you should get all the supplies you'll need at home for aftercare. Things like soft foods, ice packs, and gauze pads should be obtained.These will help you get the proper care after dental implant surgery.
Having enough rest is advised; you shouldn't be running to the store after you've had surgery. It helps in your overall recovery after dental surgery.
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