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Benefits of Dental Implants

While the best is done by we dentists to help you in protecting your teeth from loss, damage, and decay, sometimes, there is a requirement for dental implants. Dental implants are recommended because we know that they give you aesthetic, strong, and stable replacements, which are the best thing to having a real tooth. Reach out to us for your London dental implant. 

Do I require dental implants?

If you've lost your tooth, or you have missing teeth, or even an entire arch of dentures, London dental implants will be the best thing for you if you want to restore full functionality. 

Why should I opt for a dental implant?

They are a great solution for you because they are an independent structure, and they don't rely on any form of supporting teeth to replace what is missing, just like partial dentures and bridges.

Implant retained dentures are significantly more stable, and there is no need for any adhesives, giving you a more stable chewing function.

Also, the jaw bone height is preserved by dental implants which would resorb otherwise anytime a tooth is removed, also preserving the height of the face, and therefore giving you a youthful appearance. 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

• The function of dental implants is the same with natural teeth. 
• There're no difficulties with cleaning the teeth or eating with the teeth
• There do not have to be a filing down of healthy adjacent teeth to be a form of support for the missing teeth or tooth
• Dental implants maintain the height of the bone below the replaced tooth. The natural procedure of bone renewal is   stimulated by the chewing forces which are transmitted via the implant towards the bone. 
• Preserved bone height assists in maintaining a great appearance, both of the face and the restored teeth. 

How are dental implants placed?

A sterile environment is where dental implants are placed to reduce any form of bacteria introduction and to increase the success rate. The surrounding bones are accessed using a CBCT scan to make sure the placement, orientation, and correct size of the dental implants are achieved. 

Dental implants are screws made of titanium which are screwed gently to a corresponding pilot hold which is prepared inside the bone of your jaw. This surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, and you have the ability to take yourself to and from the dental practice. Though, if you are concerned at all, you can just choose to do it under sedation. The jawbones have no nerve, so the implant surgeries are normally kind of boring for the patient because everything is done so gently and accurately. 

The titanium screw is left inside the jaw bone. Sometimes, it is covered using a healing abutment, or sometimes using a gum.The abutment helps in the formation of a cuff of gum which will neatly seat around the crown that is above the implant — thereby increasing aesthetics!

How should I brush my dental implant?

Anytime you have a dental implant; you must treat it carefully. Dental implants aren't immune to the disease of the gum and need a strict maintenance routine which will be demonstrated to you by your hygienist. It may also be recommended to you by your hygienist that you have a different recall interview if you have had dental implants. 

How do I get a dental implant in London?

Whether the loss of the tooth or teeth is pending, or you've lost it — the first step you should take is to reach out to us for your dental implant in London. The patient is tailored to every dental implant treatment; we will fully assess the present clinical situation, then recommend the perfect treatment for you. 

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