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3 Ways to Whiten Sensitive Teeth

Who doesn’t want a dazzling white smile? Research suggests that smiling makes you more attractive. However, this explains the reason why professional tooth whitening is becoming the most sought-after dental procedures in London every year.

Over time, taking coffee, red wine, cigarettes, and simply ageing often become a threat to our teeth. If you are looking to spruce up your smile, there are varieties of teeth whitening options for sensitive teeth, which you can easily embrace. Professional tooth whitening is known for brightening your smile; it also gives you the confidence you so much desire. However, some teeth whitening options may be quite challenging to most patients with sensitive teeth.

Notwithstanding, few tooth whitening options can help you earn the crystal clear teeth you so desire; this may include the following:

1. Professional tooth whitening: the professional tooth whitening option is regarded as the fastest method when compared to other teeth whitening options. However, before you start, it is recommended that you visit your dentist first to enquire the best teeth whitening option for sensitive teeth, as well as how a professional teeth whitening option can affect your result and oral health issues. After the consultation and your dentist feel that you are the right candidate for a professional teeth whitening, he can begin the process. The process may usually include the following:

  •  Insert a teeth retractor into the mouth
  •  Apply a rubber material to your gums and
  •  Apply a bleaching gel, which may last for about 15-30 minutes.

2. Porcelain veneers: this teeth whitening option for sensitive teeth is often utilised when the patient's teeth are severely stained. Veneers are known to cover up excessive stains from cigarettes, wine and coffee consumption while revitalising your smile completely. It is also important to talk to your dentist about the recommended and available veneers that are best for you. This tooth whitening option process will usually include; bonding a thin piece of porcelain around your natural teeth, since veneers are quite resistant to stains.

3. Home-based teeth whitening options: this tooth whitening option is often regarded as less expensive when compared to other teeth whitening options for sensitive teeth.  However, the results are not worthwhile as it tends to irritate the gum if care is not taken. We often recommend that you read the labels for warnings about sensitivity before using any product meant for teeth whitening. You will need to do the following, to ensure optimal results;

  • Read the instructions carefully before using any whitening product, to ensure they are teeth whitening options for sensitive teeth
  • Follow the instructions for the direction of usage.
  • Discontinue immediately, if irritations and pain occurs
  • Talk to your dentist for possible recommendations.

What happens next, after teeth whitening?

Maintain your teeth:  maintaining your teeth is very crucial. However, there are steps to take in ensuring your teeth retains its dazzling new smile; they may include the following:

  •  Brush or floss your teeth immediately meals
  •  Ensure you avoid staining liquid. However, if you can’t completely avoid them, you can use a straw to protect the teeth.
  •  Increase healthy foods intakes like yoghurt, cheese and apple.

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Great dentist had my first appointment/consultation today for tooth enlightening! Really informative, patient DR who has a genuine intrest in your teeth and Keeping the cost low! :)

Georgia Ewins

4 months ago

One of my friends recommended me this clinic. And my orthodontic treatment is going far better than before and I can see the changes. So kind and helpful staffs.

Sebastian Hale

11 months ago

Awesome customer service! All the staffs are very helpful and kind in nature. High quality treatment with great result. Would definitely recommend.

Elsia Martin

a year ago

Very much impressed with Wimpole Dental Office. Their provided services are excellent. Even the receptionist was extremely kind and welcoming.

Jennifer Smith

a year ago

Very friendly and efficient service!! All the staffs and dentists are well experienced. Highly recommended.

Eva Morgan

a year ago

I just want to say thank you to the whole team of dentists of Wimpole Dental Office. The dentists are highly skilled and experienced.

Shirley Miller

a year ago

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